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Gretna Landmark, The Star of Caledonia, Gretna, Scotland

In development 2011+ (with Cecil Balmond)

"Crossing the border to Scotland, across the River Sark, is now a passage obscured under a bridge by cars travelling at speed. Instead of marking this with motorway signs we are using a landform and sculpture that pulls together the adjacent site, the distant hills and the Solway.

Nestled into the curving mound and springing from it is Cecil Balmonds whirling creation. In one sense, it is a scintillating piece of calligraphy seen against the sky which will signify various meanings as you approach starburst, energy, St. Andrews Cross, thistle, Highland Dancing, etc or, if you look at the right place, the map of Scotland. It all depends from where you see it in the landscape. These meanings emerge dramatically as you walk the site, but they are also taken up by the landform and embedded in its curves."


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