Holding the Eco-Line, Suncheon City, South Korea

2011-2013 (with Jencks2)

Mountains and water at the heart of the Suncheon Eco-city, Korea, 2013. Mountains in this southern city have created a unique wetlands, celebrated in the Eco-Geo Festival of 2013. But, in a country that is 70% mountainous, this ecological duality has often remained below consciousness, so we have made it into two themes - Miniaturizing the Mountains and Holding the Eco-Line. That is, the sharp contrast between city and nature and the way mountains create their counterpart: riversand wetland deltas.

Design by Charles Jencks and

Lily Jencks.

Holding the Ecoline

Site aerial view of new parkland in the city with its 72 surrounding gardens. The green line defines Bunghwa mountain which is the centre of our scheme, surrounded by the water lines and minature mountains.