Charles Jencks, Trustee and Co-founder with Maggie Keswick in 1995 of a series of Cancer Caring Centres. Maggie's Centres, are a charity that have become influential for their enlightened provision of uplifting environments for cancer care, designed by some of the worlds most renowned architects. Maggie Keswick Jencks (1941-1995) developed the idea of a Cancer Caring Centre, along with her friends, Laura Lee, the CEO of Maggie's, Marcia Blakenham, and Charles. A short history of this is recounted in 2010 and her booklet 1997(ed. Marcia Blakenham). Charles Jencks' book 'The Architecture of Hope' gives an indepth description into the explanation and ethos of Maggie's Centres.

Maggie's Centres can be found in the following locations:

"Above all, what matters is not to lose the joy of living in the fear of dying"

Maggie Keswick Jencks

Edinburgh 1996, Architect Richard Murphy; Landscape Architect Emma Keswick Merseyside at The Clatterbridge

Glasgow (Gatehouse) 2002, Architect David Page; Landscape Architect Forth Valley, Architect Garbers & James

Dundee 2003, Architect Frank Gehry; Landscape Architect Arabella Lennox-Boyd Manchester, The Christie, 2015, Architect Lord Foster; Landscape Architect Dan Pearson

Highlands 2005, Architect David Page; Landscape Architect London St Bartholomew's 2015, Architect Stephen Holl, Landscape Christopher Bradley-Hole

Fife 2006, Architect Zaha Hadid Manchester The Christie Hospital, Architect Frank Gehry

London 2008, Architect Lord Richard Rogers; Landscape Architect Dan Pearson Future Planned

Cheltenham 2010, Sir Richard MacCormac; Landscape Architect Dr Christine Facer Hoffman Cardiff, South East Wales, Architect Dow Jones

Glasgow (Gartnavel) 2011, Architect Rem Koolhaas; Landscape Architect Lily Jencks Southhampton

Nottingham 2011, Architect Piers Gough CBE Yorkshire

South West Wales 2011, Architect Kisho Kurokawa; Landscape Architect Kim Wilkie Barcelona

Hong Kong 2013 Architect Frank Gehry; Landscape Architect Lily Jencks Oldham

Newcastle 2013 Architect Ted Cullinan The Royal Marsden

Aberdeen 2013 Architect Snøhetta

Lanarkshire 2014, Architect Neil Gillespie; Landscape Architect rankinfraser

Oxford 2015, Architect Chris Wilkinson & Jim Eyre; Landscape Architect Flora Gathorne Hardy

Wallace (Cambridge)

No Frame